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Alex and Rosie’s adventures in Kent

Exciting news! We have just received a letter from The Henry Smith Charity confirming that Autism and Nature has been awarded a grant to undertake a new project in Kent, which will result in the publication of the further adventures of Alex and Rosie. Alex and Rosie books are designed to engage children’s interest in the natural world, and help parents/carers to prepare children for visits to the natural places featured in ourĀ guides. The book will be completed in the autumn, and will be available free of charge at that time.

Alex and Rosie’s adventures in West Sussex

We have now finished the artwork for the second in our Alex and Rosie series. Alex and Rosie visit the natural places featured in our West Sussex guide. The children’s story book, supported by Widgit symbols, should be printed in early May, just in time for spring! It will be available on line, and from West Sussex County Council Short Breaks Team.