Who we work with

Our projects

Autism and Nature is developing a range of projects to raise awareness and practically help to engage children on the autistic spectrum with nature. We are producing educational material for practitioners, teachers, parents, carers and children with autism. We also plan to undertake research to learn more about connecting children with the natural world.

Local guide books

We are producing a series of local guide books, to help families and teachers to introduce children with autism to nature and the countryside. The first one, for Kent, was published in February 2012, with support from a wide range of conservation organisations and autism charities. This was followed by guides for East Sussex, West Sussex, Suffolk and Surrey. These guides can be downloaded from our Resources page. Guides are planned for many more counties in England, including Hampshire and Essex.

Children’s books

We are producing illustrated children’s story books to complement our local guides. The stories describe the adventures of two children as they visit various places in the countryside. The text is accompanied by Widgit symbols, to help communicate ideas and information for those children who require visual supports. Our first book for children in East Sussex was published in summer 2013, and our second for children in West Sussex was published in summer 2014; we have since published story books for Kent and Suffolk. Story books can be downloaded from our Resources page. Further books about Alex and Rosie’s Adventures are planned, including Surrey and Hampshire.